Our ancestors are the Ivernians/Picts, the Celts and the Norse that settled on the Isle of Man during the past 10,000 years.  The earliest evidence of occupation on the Isle of Man dates from about 8000 BC, however the Celtic Culture appears at around 6000 BC, and the Vikings at about AD 900.

The Isle of Man is the small island in the middle of the Irish Sea, on which the Vikings established a parliament, a democracy, and an independent nation. The parliament (called Tinvaal in Manx, or Tynwald in English) has served the island people for over a millennium;  the long lived democracy of Ellan Vannin (Isle of Man) has been the envy of much larger nation states;  while the Island’s independence has developed a unique Manx Culture that draws upon the rich cultural heritage of the founding ancestral groups.

As descendants of those ancestral Ivernians/Picts, Celts and Norse, we (the members of the Queensland Manx Society Incorporated) make up one of the proudest and most enduring Celtic cultural-heritage organisations in the Southern Hemisphere.  The Queensland Manx Society Incorporated has been continuously serving Australians of Manx Heritage, and kindred folk, since 1914.

Please consider participating in our events if you have an interest in the Manx, Viking or Celtic Cultures.

OBJECTS of the Queensland Manx Society Incorporated

  1. To support the members of the Queensland Manx Society.
  2. To provide assistance for Manx newcomers and visitors by way of advice, counsel, assistance and entertainment as appropriate.
  3. To keep in close communication with the Isle of Man and other State Manx Societies in Australia.
  4. To add to the Association’s knowledge of the Manx Heritage and share it to the benefit of all Australians.
  5. To facilitate Family History research.


A membership application form can be downloaded at this link: QMS-Application-Form.pdf

Management Committee

PresidentVal ASHWORTH D UaImage TBAEmail the QMS President
Vice PresidentMaxwell CAIN D UrrImage TBAEmail the QMS Vice President
TreasurerJanis BLACKBURN Image TBAEmail the QMS Treasurer
SecretaryNigel JEFFARESImage TBAEmail the QMS Secretary
Newsletter EditorVal ASHWORTH D UaImage TBAEmail the QMS Newsletter Editor

The above members were elected as the Management Committee at the Queensland Manx Society Incorporated Annual General Meeting 2024.