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2014 was Our Centenary Year

Our ancestors were Celts and Norse who settled on the Isle of Man, over a thousand years ago. On this small island in the middle of the Irish Sea, they established a parliament that would serve the island people for over a millenium, a democracy that would be the envy of much bigger nation states, and an independence that would develop and enrich a unique Manx culture.

Their descendants, members of our Queensland Manx Society, make up one of the most enduring of local Celtic organisations. In 2014, we celebrated our hundredth year of continuous service to the local Manx community, and we would like you to continue to celebrate this milestone with us in the years ahead.

We have a number of events planned for the year. If you have an interest in Manx, Viking or Celtic activities, please join our celebrations.

Do you have ancestors from the Isle of Man?

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