Knitting Patterns for Manx Dolls

At the next meeting, we will have KNITTING PATTERNS FOR DOLLS TO DRESS UP IN MANX KILTS. Remnants of Manx Tartan (supplied by us) can be used to make the skirt into a proper kilt if this is preferred, and we are calling on all Manx Knitters and Sewers to help out and have fun making these garments.

If you have an old doll you do not want to keep and would like to have it displayed and/or sold at Ormiston, please let us know. We have patterns for 9 inch, [22/23 cm], 16 inch [40/41 cm] and 18 inch [45/46 cm] dolls. If you would like these patterns sent to you via email in PDF, please let Secretary know. Even if you don’t have the dolls, knitted and made up garments wrapped in cellophane would really be ideal for sale.